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Snowshoes and Solitude


In the spring of 1994, Les Stroud and Sue Jamison bade farewell to modern society and followed their hearts north into the remote reaches of the Canadian wilderness. Leaving home, family and jobs behind, they would spend the next year living closer to the land than most of us could ever imagine. And they did it without the luxury of a single modern convenience.

Traveling by canoe and in the winter by snowshoe, Les and Sue were attempting to replicate life in North America some 500 years ago, before Europeans first set foot on the continent. They created fire without matches. They built a shelter with a stone axe. They survived on what the bush provided. In doing so they realized the true meaning of living wild, and how closely life and death coexist when you’re many miles from human contact.

Snowshoes and Solitude is the incredible story of Les and Sue’s year in the Wabakimi wilderness. It chronicles the struggles and triumphs of their daily lives, and their burning love and respect for the natural world.

Snowshoes and Solitude is one of the great wilderness adventures of our time.