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What Comes Next…

For the past 14 months, Les Stroud has flown in 86 planes, collected 40 terabytes of footage shot in almost every continent on the planet, survived daily lunches of grubs and seal eye balls, performed 4 trance dances, exhumed 2 bodies, received 2 Mentawai Shaman tattoos, 1 Zulu scarification and a Sri Lankan demon exorcism…and that’s just his day-job.

So, what comes next for Les Stroud?

Les’ latest book Will to Live (Harper Collins) has already sold 20,000 pre-ordered copies! The perfect Christmas present for the survivalist in your life, Will to Live is an inspiring testament to the unyielding human instinct to prevail against all odds, a practical look at what it takes to endure the unthinkable, and a guide to help answer the eternal question: Do you have what it takes to survive?

Will to Live hits bookshelves across the country November 6th.  Check the calendar dates to see when Les Stroud is coming to your town for a book signing!

If reading Stroud still just ain’t enough – don’t worry! You can catch Les on television screens and radio across Canada and the United States with guest appearances on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, MTV Cribs Canada, George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight and CBC Radio One “Q with Jian Ghomeshi”.

Continuing through winter 2011, Les will be back in the studio and focused on music. Working with the management team at SRO Anthem (best known as Rush and Steven Page’s management), Stroud’s next challenge is an exciting new album and multi-media tour, heavily influenced by indigenous sounds and images collected from his Beyond Survival travels around the globe.

With his third and fourth books in the works with Harper Collins, Stroud is keeping himself balanced with Thai kickboxing, yoga, paintball, spending time with his two fantastic children…and dreaming up future adventures.