Survivorman’s Secrets of Survival

Survivorman’s Secrets of Survival ~ Sept 6th at 10pm ET on Science Channel! ~ Web Girl

Watch the trailer on YouTube:




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14 Responses to “Survivorman’s Secrets of Survival”

  1. Les,
    I am so happy that you are back doing a Survivorman-related show (or any type of program). When B/G and these other wannabees basically took over the tube… I just couldn’t believe it! I’ll spare you my background and all the lengthy praises that I would heap upon you – I’m just glad that you’re back! These other wannabees that took over during your absence were mostly just pathetic attempts to rack up viewer numbers – and the main “star” was exposed from the beginning… to be not what he said, not mention that dumb fool giving and showing just the worst and most dangerous examples of what to do in a variety of survival situations. The goal is to survive and thrive, not to get an adrenaline rush and die or drink your own piss and die of dehydration and toxins a lot quicker, or give yourself a salt-water enema on a raft adrift in the sea, and do the same. WTF?! Those Brits didn’t coin the word “bugger” for nothing, eh? TDC had a great thing going, and then they got cheap. Welcome back, and keep it coming!

  2. kim linsley says:

    excellent show thanks for breaking it all down great stuff :)

  3. charlie says:

    I’m with mike. Your stuff is always legit, and we can still tell. Fake reality tv is a sad sick thing, but some people can still tell the difference. We love you man.

  4. I keep learning great things about survival through your shows, and I’m glad to see there’s a new (2013) “best of” compilation series to learn from too. I’m an amature photographer, who’s studied a little cultural anthropology and am an avid traveler. I’m in Milpitas, CA, be sure to look out for me, I’d like to travel with you for shows or just to help visually-document your travels through photographs!

  5. Chris Mills says:

    I refuse to even watch any of the ‘other’ shows claiming to be about surviving. I’ve been in life and death situations, more than I care to think about. Less is right on in what he tells us. I only wish that I’d heard that advice BEFORE I’d needed it… back in the 1970′s! I’m also glad, like the other poster above, that Less is back on ANY TV show. Love his harmonica too!I hadn’t known when I first saw the show, that he’s primarily a musician, NOT a professi0nal survivor… Well, guess he IS, if he makes any money from it, but he uses that to fund his music, and his off the grid life. Not cheap, nor easy, and very expensive to even start living that way, which is why there’s not more people trying it. (And frankly, I don’t think the earth could handle that many people that way, and soon enough, ANY way, once the oil runs out)I’d like to see more about surviving against the other humans who have a violent streak, but too dumb to prepare, or know how to survive, except to take what they want from those who has it. By killing, if need be, and there would be plenty willing to do just that. We can’t ALL hid in the middle of nowhere, out in the woods, it would stop being the middle of nowhere, and there soon would be no woods! (As much as I wish I could go BACK to the woods I came from) Can’t hide, can’t or don’t want to try killing off horde of fellow humans, who may, after all, have children and otherwise, be just like you. Except, they did NOT plan. If someone is trying to take mine at gun point, i think I’d have less moral troubles fighting that, than someone who’s just trying to feed a baby, and is ASKING. THAT would be MY downfall, I’d want to help, and couldn’t, or, if I did, not for long! The mental preparation to survive, as Less has pointed out, every bit as important as the skills to. You can be undone by the civilization we were raised in,the ‘rules’ like, be kind to others as you’d want them to be kind to you… That will see you starve to death faster. So, what is one to do, when the greatest threat may not be from without, but one’s own self? CM

  6. Joe F says:

    So glad anything SurvivorMan is back!

  7. ipneko says:

    I love your show and can not get enough of your tips!!! I have watched and [re[ed my car, my family, and myself, because who know what will happen.

  8. krystal b. says:

    I love you. Man vs wild has nothingon you. I live in Louisiana and love watching your show because you show real successful ways to survive all alone. You teach southern people how to start a wet fire lol. Keep the excellent work up les. <3

  9. Scotty says:

    Hi Les,
    I like the work you were the ground-breaker for this type of thing:) I think it would be cool if you and Cody Lundin teamed up at some point..despite what anyone says about him..that dude has mad skills. Who can deny that. Oh by the the music..and great harmonia..I play 12 string and bass and can relate :) Peace you crazy Canuck!!

  10. Ross says:

    I appreciate what you do out in the wild. Your the first person I have seen who both takes the time to teaches others the proper ways of survival and also appreciates the outdoors as well. Keep up the good work Les I will continue to be a devoted fan.


  11. jason says:

    Where and when can we watch secrets in the states? Can’t seem to find it.

  12. Aimee says:

    My family and I have been watching one “encore” after another this Thanksgiving weekend, and they are just as awesome the second time around!!! :-) . We ski and snowboard, and in watching your cold weather survival episodes there are quite a few things we’ve learned that could be helpful if we went off the trail at a ski area in the mountains in Maine (don’t get sweaty!). SO glad you’re producing new episodes! We can’t wait to watch!

  13. John A. says:

    Love your show!!! 2 questions:
    1- what is your favorite field knife?
    2- what harmonica do you play the blues in?

  14. Sam says:

    You’re so much better than Bear Grylls, Man, Woman, Wild, and Dual Survival. The one thing that separates you from the rest of those guys is the fact that you record yourself, and there’s no camera crew, which proves these situations you’re in are real. You also give out really helpful tips and information with fire, and shelter.

    Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work,

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