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Survivorman and Son is a hit!

Survivorman and Son

Les Stroud giving son Logan some tips before they begin filming Survivroman and Son


The first episode of Survivorman and Son aired in the US this week to great reviews. It was a long time coming and did not disappoint.

Les’s Facebook fans had a lot of good things to say about the show including:


“Thank you. So enjoyed this show. Glad you are having your son involved. I think he did very well. And you have a good relationship. Cherish the time you have together. Children grow up way to fast. I can hardly wait for the next show.”


“Was really good, looks like it will develop into another great series. Best of luck Les and Logan (and the whole family)”


The next episode which takes place in Wabakimi, Ontario is scheduled to air on Discovery in the US on Wednesday, April 2nd at 10PM EST.