We challenged you to create the ultimate fire starting Survivorman spoof and boy, did you guys deliver! We received hundreds of video submissions from across the continent, but we finally narrowed it down to our top three.

Here are the winning submissions for the Best Fire Starting Spooferman Contest 2010. Thank you to all those who submitted, and congratulations to our winners who will be receiving up to $8,000 in prizes from Sony and Algonquin Outfitters!

See the winners!

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  1. Thank you for these Spooferman contests Les. I really liked your selections for the winners. I know it wasn’t easy to choose, but I think you did great. Brian really has you down. I can tell he has read your book and watched your films many times. I liked his shirt, “Last Year Was Just A Warm Up.” :) Hope his prize package includes a new copy of your book, “Survive”, as his copy looks pretty well used! These videos were all entertaining to watch and also learned a little in the process.

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks diann. Lol

  3. Michael Van Masters says:

    Brian, your video was very funny. You made me laugh and laugh.

  4. Lawrence M. Grega says:

    I’ve been a fan for many years! I promote your series in my own social media. Anyone who has been into this stuff (or actually used these skills at one time or another!!) appreciates the little slices of humor you add to all your shows. People who know it see it. I most definitely do. Most testament to your reputation is your willingness to invite self deprecating critical humor. And you know humor is so critical to every survival situation. I’m sure you don’t share the funniest moments you have in the wilds. Neither would I. But humor shared does wonders for the spirits. The Spooferman “series” obviously had viral success. “Bes Stroud” has you down! We need you to do a documentary or series on How to survive “inside the beltway” in Wash, DC. (Lots of humor in there somewhere). ;) I hope to sit by the campfire with you someday… scotch, chocolate, and wine (in moderation of course) and all! HOOAH!.

  5. Lawrence M. Grega says:

    Les… The Spooferman “series” is a testament to your reputation as a “good man” to invite self deprecating humor. I appreciate all your doses of humor spiced into your shows. Anyone who has been in the woods knows them when they see them, and we know how important humor is to the spirit. I’m sure you have had hilarious moments, not worthy of public viewing in your travels and experiences. Next you have to create a series or documentary of How to Survive “Inside the Beltway” of Wash DC! Lots of survivor humor to be had ripe for the taking, I’m sure. “Bes Stroud” has you down pat. Good job buddy! Oh… and I loved the Monty Python version from our British brethren. Always rich material there. HOOAH! Would love to share the campfire with you someday with the scotch, chocolate and wine ;) for a jam session… need a drummer?! Keep Survivin’!

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