Announcing the Bushman Axe by Survivorman Les Stroud

Celebrity outdoorsman Les Stroud is set to release a new line of hand forged axes created in partnership with the oldest axe factory in Sweden, Wetterlings.

World-­renowned for their quality, durability and design for over 130 years, Wetterlings axes are made to last even the toughest outdoor lifestyle. That’s why Les Stroud is partnering with Wetterlings to release his new line of hand-forged axes called The Bushman by Survivorman Les Stroud.

Wetterlings craftsmen continue the time-­consuming tradition of axe forging that began in the early 1880s. When you buy a Wetterlings axe, you know it was forged and shaped by hand using old hammer presses and tools, some almost 100 years old. The traditional anvil is made of high-grade Swedish steel, hardened and tempered to Rockwell 57 – 58 and hand finished in fine detail. This is a task that demands patience and time and is totally dependent on the honed skills of the Wetterlings blacksmith. The handles are carved from American hickory. All axes are supplied with custom-­‐made leather sheaths.

In his own words, Les explains, “The legendary reputation of Swedish axes has never been lost on me. I have used them through all of my adventures and travels in the wilderness. So when I was asked to design a beautiful, hand made wooden axe with Wetterlings, I jumped at the chance. It’s an opportunity to create my own legacy by joining an already existing great legacy. Wetterlings has made it easy to design an axe that reflects my ideals of craftsmanship, aesthetics and functionality.”

The Bushman by Survivorman Les Stroud is unique as it is both an axe and a hammer. The wedge shaped head ensures extreme splitting power. The long, broad blade is good for felling or carving. The neck is a distinct hammer and good for driving pegs. A notch for your fingers makes it easy to be very detailed and get nice cuts when doing precision work. The handle is long enough to be a two-hand axe for wood splitting and felling.

The Bushman by Survivorman Les Stroud will be available for purchase worldwide in November 2012.

Please visit for future announcements and purchase details.

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35 Responses to “Announcing the Bushman Axe by Survivorman Les Stroud”

  1. Erik Tempest says:

    Excellent, can’t wait to purchase.
    So where’s the video of you starting a fire with it?

  2. Al says:

    Can you share a little bit about the new ax.
    Head weight and if the poll is hardened.
    Looks like a very nice one to have in my kit.
    Continued success!

    PS I heard you jammed with Robbie Krieger that’s awesome!

  3. Ben Stieglitz says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait to own this.

  4. David says:

    Very cool! If the price is right then it should do well for both sides. Just worried about the weight and length of the handle for when I go camping with my canoe. When will the statistics and price be published?

  5. kim Linsley says:

    looks like a excellent axe the weight would be nice to know can someone small like me use it love ya man :)

  6. Nature N3rd says:

    I have a Wetterlings Small Splitter Axe. Thought it was damn near perfect.

    Then Les designs this one. I think the only down size is the lack of a recurve in the handle. I’m a fan of that.

    But now I need to get this when it is released.

  7. Nils Midttun says:


  8. Karl Foster says:

    I like the design… Two tools in one.

    I currently carry a small tomahawk with a dedicated hammer poll opposite the blade. And, Wetterlings makes high quality stuff.

  9. Joel B says:

    Nice ax. Will the handle come off easily so that you can carry just the head and cut a replacement if needed?

  10. that is a scary axe :) looks very heavy and choppy :) )

  11. Sherry says:

    We are looking forward to when the Bushman Axe will be available for purchase in November. Our son will be having his Eagle Court of Honor in November and we think this would be a unique gift for him, especially since he enjoys wilderness survival adventures and is a big, big fan of Les Stroud.

  12. Nikhil says:

    Dear Les, Sue and familyThank you for the great danrmectouy. My wife and I met 13 years ago at a historical reenactment in northern minnesota. I have had alot of military training in the marine corp on survival, I watch your shows religously and it takes me back with fond memories.. We have always dreamed of doing what you and your family are doing. thank you for all your passion and dedication to make this world a better place.Erick, Marni, and Thorin

  13. Sherry M says:

    Can’t wait for the Bushman Axe to become available for purchase. We are looking for a unique and meaningful gift for our son’s Eagle Scout Court of Honor, scheduled for November 2012. As much as he loves watching Survivorman, we feel the Bushman Axe will truly be something he’ll remember and have for all time.

    If this post shows up twice, I’m sorry. I posted it a week ago and it still hadn’t shown up, so am resending.

  14. Richard says:

    Great looking axe. I am looking forward to picking up this axe. I have been using your Temagami knife and it has been excellent. Always excited to see what you’ll come up with next.


  15. Rene C says:

    Counting down the days Les!

  16. Kevin Miller says:

    OK it’s November…, where can I buy this axe?

  17. DCT says:

    Need an edged tool fix… much longer?

  18. Art Haz says:

    Hey…it’s November and I want that axe….when can we get???

  19. Art says:

    Looks great….It’s November 10, when can we purchase and how much is it going to cost us? Thanks….Art

  20. Sherry says:

    guess we’ll have to find some other gift for our son’s Eagle Court of Honor as we were counting on the Bushman Axe being available for purchase by now. We’re so disappointed.

  21. GCM says:

    Sherry, I agree.
    I have been watching every day hoping to add a Bushman Axe to my Christmas list. Does’t look to promising at this time…

  22. PAPI says:

    Mr. Stroud,
    How about answering a few questions on your official website, & an ” UPDATE ” on availabilty..?

  23. Matt says:

    Month is coming to a close and the holidays are coming up fast. Time to get that axe available for sale. Chop-chop Les, let’s go.

  24. Nature N3rd says:

    I heard from the distributor that the Bushman will be available in the late part of November.

  25. Duane says:

    Now I will have to tell my child there is no Santa.

  26. Moderator says:

    Thanks everyone for your interest. I am waiting on some exact dates for the axe and will get back to you here as soon as I have them. Have a great weekend.

  27. Trapper07 says:

    I think I want 2!! Looks nice!

  28. Megan says:

    Can anyone a bit more knowledge about axes tell me the specs on this? I am trying to find the closest thing wetterling makes. This was my husbands one request for Christmas and I’m worried I’m going to miss out if I don’t order something (anything!) soon!

  29. Nature N3rd says:

    Pre sale link should be coming today. Hopefully shipping next week:

  30. Moderator says:

    Hi All – The ax is available in the store at

  31. Russ says:

    Hi All, and Les, just finished watching you wake up to find polar bear tracks again. Great looking Axe, a little FYI on the style you guys have, in the French and Indian (Seven years) war a tad smaller version called a camp Axe was issued to lite infantry in stead of swards that normally would have been issued to heavy infantry. As it was thought more practical while the lites where out on a scout, Just a fun fact. And there are re-pros out there however, you can tell they where made for wearing at re-enactments. though that fawn foot and lettering would have to go. Pardon me have to go look at your store.

  32. Russ says:

    I when to look at the price and saw it was the same price I paid to have some on make a boarding Axe, (About the same size but better used for mountaineering) And same for my friend who also had a camp Axe made…except it took up about three years to find a really good smith who made good quality stuff that had..the feel, (You know, The I can trust this to be there while I walk back from God knows)…an then we had to wait for our turn for him to get around to making our stuff. And make your own sheath (But we actually liked that part). Then We where at the spot folks will open the Box they order from you and find Axey goodness.

  33. Nature N3rd says:

    Hello All,

    I just did an in-depth field review of the latest version of the Bushman Axe:

    This should answer all the big questions about the axe’s performance.


    The Nature N3rd

  34. bob dimesky says:

    chopping the competition down…yes, this is the ax for those serious outdoorsmen and women among us! The weight and balance of this item is exquisite… A tool one can depend on for the rugged elements we throw ourselves into. The felling and splitting power of this compact instrument is nothing short of amazing…The first generation was not great, the head was to symetrical, too triangular for doing work. The new head grind, slight concave, gives just the right ship removal we need. The head fit issues have been improved though still not up to the quality of head fit of my Granfors. I love the feel and heft of this wonderful tool, it works just as easily with one hand as it does with two. Great hand feel with the choil, the knockout in which one places their hand for close in carving and shaving work. I am pleased with the quality and with Les’s design; he and Wetterlings obviously made a great team! This is truly one of the best products of its type in the marketplace today…bob Dimesky pawleys island SC

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