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Les Stroud to Lead Workshop on Survival and Spirituality at Omega Institute

Les Stroud at the Omega Institute

The quest for survival isn’t just a mental and physical journey—it’s also a spiritual one. Survivorman Les Stroud will share his own path during his workshop, “A Spiritual Journey With Survivorman,” at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, New York, July 3 – 5. Over three days filled with outdoor adventures, skill lessons, storytelling and music, the star of the hit TV series Survivorman (OLN Canada, The Science Channel U.S., Discovery Channel International) will help others find clarity, peace and spirituality through their relationship with the earth.

“I have come to understand that keeping a culture alive requires three main components of what I call the cultural triangle: language, land skills and spirituality,” says Stroud. “Of these, spirituality is always the most fragile and usually the first to disappear.”

If you’ve watched Survivorman or Beyond Survivorman then it will come as no surprise that Stroud is a highly spiritual individual. Alone in the wilderness, he is invigorated by any extreme or obstacle Mother Nature can throw at him. For Stroud, his relationship with the planet and its people doubles as his spirituality. By tuning in and being present in the wilderness, he derives answers from land, and seeks out healing in the soil.

During the Omega Institute workshop, Stroud will teach participants to use nature as their guide. They’ll discover how to get down to basics, practice wilderness awareness, learn tools to develop their sixth sense and calm the body when lost. These practical wilderness skills double as a metaphor for life and a way of staying connected to yourself and your planet.

The weekend adventure will include gentle outdoor adventures, storytelling, music, self reflection and land skills training. In addition, Stroud will share lessons he’s gathered in his extensive global travels.

To sign-up for A Spiritual Journey With Survivorman, visit Omega Institute.


Les Stroud Announces Winner of Survivorman Video Competition

Joseph McConnell will join Les Stroud in a wilderness adventure, given no shelter, 
no food and no water.

A huge thank you goes out to all those who submitted videos. There were many outstanding applications, but there can only be one winner.

“Joe proved to me, through his video, that he can narrate, shoot and explore nature,” said Stroud. “It’s impossible to know what lies ahead in our journey into the wilderness, but I’m looking forward to having a partner in survival.”

McConnell said that when he found out he won the competition, he called his brother—also a big fan of the show—and his mother. He said his mom is nervous for him. His father, Joseph, for whom he’s named, passed away after battling cancer in recent years, and so his mother is especially protective of the family.

“If my father were here, he’d scream and then say, ‘Go for it, that’s amazing!’ He would be beside me 100 percent,” said McConnell.

Congratulations to Joe!!

Click here to read the full press release.

Survivorman Video Competition Update

We’re so lucky to have so many fans. We appreciate all of the great video submissions. We know we’re late in announcing the winner but there are so many excellent entries we needed a little more time. We’ll be ready to make an announcement this week. – Web Girl

Survivorman India

Survivorman Les Stroud in India
Picked up in the middle of the night. But had to stop for chai first!


Les is in Uttarakhand, India scouting locations and getting ready to film a new episode of Survivorman.

Uttarakhand is described as soaring Himalayan peaks and steamy lowland jungles, peaceful country and busy cities.  Some of India’s best trekking, yoga schools, holiday towns and wildlife-watching can be found there.

Here are some interesting images he has captured so far on his journey.


Les Stroud Survivorman in India
Les and an 100 year Old Semal Tree (Red Cotton Tree). In 2011 it measured 23.7 mts. The stripe is the mark on its outer girth at which the measurement would be taken.


Survivorman in India

Survivorman Les Stroud Provides Insights Into Newsweek Special Off Grid

Newsweek Special Editions Off Grid

Newsweek Special Editions, in collaboration with Topix Media Lab, announces the release of their special issue, Off Grid, packed with life-saving tips, running the gamut from weekend adventure to doomsday scenarios. Featuring expert insights and tips from the pros such as Survivorman Les Stroud, creator of the survival TV genre, best known as an award-winning producer, creator and star of the hit TV series Survivorman. This 100-page special issue is filled with how-tos, dramatic first-person accounts of survival and survival basics such as how to find water, how to stay warm among the elements and more.

“From the scorching heat of the desert to the polar chill of the Arctic, I’ve endured every type of extreme that Mother Nature can throw,” says Stroud. “Each challenge has taught me to dig inside and find a solution that will keep me on this Earth one more day, then share that solution, as I’ve done in here with Newsweek. Knowledge and preparation could save your life, whether you’re determined to live off the grid or you simply understand that nature is a powerful force. Loaded with game-changing insights from wilderness and survival experts, what you read in this magazine could truly save your life.”

See Stroud’s tips in this special issue’s introduction, as well as in the story “Survivorman Essentials,” a Q & A teeming with survival tips for all kinds of scenarios. Other highlights include:

– “What I Learned From” pieces share insights from “The Walking Dead,” the Bedouins and others.

– Advice-filled Q&As with adventure photographer Jimmy Chin, locust swarm researcher Iain Couzin and National Geographic researcher T.H. Culhane, makes energy from a surprising source.

– Arctic archaeologist Jeff Rasic, who works with the U.S. National Park Service, spotlights ancient tools that still hold up today.

– 20 Basics from the Boy Scouts Handbook that everyone should know.

– 16 military training tips from Special Ops.

– Rankings of which bugs pack the most protein.

– Guides to poisonous and medicinal plants.

– And much more.

This special edition of Newsweek can be found at or on newsstands everywhere.

Survivorman in Newsweek Off Grid

Barn Sessions III Off The Grid

New Music by Les Stroud – Barn Sessions III Off The Grid

Barn Sessions III - Off the Grid

Les Stroud’s newest Barn Sessions CD/DVD compilation follows talented musicians working together to create an album and documentary entirely live ‘off the floor’. Friends of Les, music lovers and filmmakers collaborated again at his off-the-grid property deep in the Ontario woods. Based on his ongoing belief that the best music happens during a live session, Les got together with musicians Jeff Bird, Doug Adams, Donny Reed, Reese Wynans, Andrina Turenne and many more to create some musical magic. Also included with the album is a bonus video documentary of how it was made and why.

Track Listing:
1. The Cost (L Stroud)
2. Far Away Gone (L Stroud)
3. One Giant Farm (L Stroud)
4. Going Down Slow/Wild Things (L Stroud)
5. Wasted (L Stroud)
6. Go Now (L Stroud)
7. One Tear (L Stroud)
8. This Time (L Stroud/B Potvin)
9. Fear (L Stroud)

Coming Home (L Stroud)
After Neil Young (recorded 1999) (L Stroud)

Click here to order the CD now!


Survivorman Receives Three Canadian Screen Awards Nominations

Survivorman Receives Three Canadian Screen Awards Nominations

Survivorman Argentina

Les Stroud and Survivorman Productions commitment to developing and producing excellent original content was recognized with three nominations for Survivorman by the Canadian Screen Awards, announced this week by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.

Survivorman was nominated in the following categories:

Best Photography in a Lifestyle or Reality / Competition Program or Series
Best Writing in a Lifestyle or Reality / Competition Program or Series
Best Host in a Variety, Lifestyle, Reality/Competition, or Talk Program or Series

Les Stroud is the only producer in the history of television to produce an internationally broadcast series entirely written, videotaped and hosted alone. The original genre creator of ‘Survival TV’, Survivorman is one of the highest rated shows in the history of OLN Canada, the Science Channel US and Discovery Channel US and remains the highest rated repeat show on the Discovery Channel. Survivorman is licensed for broadcast worldwide, with ratings in the US hitting 2 million on individual episodes.

Check out the nominees here:\